• Photo by Brooke Williams, NYC.
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24 AugTrump Is Dead But Trumpism Is Not

Donald Trump is a zombie candidate. He’s still moving but he’s politically dead. He’s damaged himself too much. My friends in…

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16 AugTouré interviews Lady Gaga

06 AugNo Such Place As Post-Racial America: New York Times (2011)

Dear America, Please, I beg you, stop using the bankrupt and meaningless term “post-racial!” There’s no such thing as “post-racial.” There’s…

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Lady Gaga and Touré

Touré interviews Lady Gaga

Toure interviews Lady Gaga about her writing process, her desire to be famous, her love for Andy Warhol and Madonna, humor...

Rihanna and Touré

Rihanna and Touré

“I never wanted to be a celebrity. I wanted to be a musician. I wanted to make music that was worldwide....


Skydiving. C’Mon.

Watch me skydiving & explaining how it changed my life and how it explains what it means to be Black today.