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Toure hangs with Sandra Bernhard-I Love Being Me

Sandra Bernhard is one of my favorite actress/comic/singers of all time. Long before she was Nurse Judy on Pose, she was on the Richard Pryor Show and in Martin Scorsese’s the King of Comedy and so much more. I interviewed her at the very beginning of my career and made a total mess out of it, one of the most embarrassing professional moments ever so I’m thrilled I had a chance to re-interview her and show her I can be an actual professional. Sandra’s a treasure who can do anything onstage. I hope you learn a lot from her. Instagram @toureshow. Twitter: @toure

Toure Show Episode 86

Host & Writer: Toure 

Senior Producer: Jackie Garofano 

Assistant Producer: Ryan Woodhall

Photographers: Chuck Marcus and Shanta Covington 

The House: DCP Entertainment  

Toure Show : Lucas Bros: I Am Him ( EPISODE 100!)

The Lucas Brothers are a pair of twins, Keith and Kenny, who are amazing stand-up comedians and comedy writers. They’re hysterical, they’re highly intellectual philosophers, they’re stoners, they’re everything. They’ve got a sitcom coming out and they’re working on another standup special and they’re part of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and they’re two of my favorite comics—well, they’re one act, so actually they’re one of my favorite comics—so for the 100th episode of this show it’s something special. The Lucas Bros.

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