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Toure Show Episode 99: I Am Black In the Trump Era

Politicon is an annual multi-day political festival that now takes place in Nashville. I conceived and moderated a panel where I wanted to get some of my smartest Black friends onstage to talk about how they feel about being Black in the Trump era. I feel under siege, I feel rejected, and I feel like the country is in an era that’s painful and frightening to me and people who like me. I feel like the MAGA hat is the new Klan hood and it scares me to see it worn so brazenly and thoughtlessly. I wondered how others were feeling about being Black in the era of Trump. We had six awesome panelists—April Ryan the White House reporter, Malcolm Nance the superspy who just published the Plot To Betray America, Elie Mystal the legal analyst, Lexi McCammond the Axios reporter, Maya Wiley the activist and legal analyst, and Briahna Joy Gray the national press secretary for Bernie Sanders. The panel was attended by hundreds.

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