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Trump Is Dead But Trumpism Is Not

Donald Trump is a zombie candidate. He’s still moving but he’s politically dead. He’s damaged himself too much. My friends in cable news don’t want you to think the race is over because the horse race is good for business–this is their peak time!–but I’m sorry, Trumpy is toast. There’s just not enough non college educated white men to elect someone who’s losing among college educated white people and Black people and Hispanic people. But this is only the beginning of Trumpism. It won’t die on Election Day.

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Copyrighted original artwork provided courtesy of Mitch O’Connell/Chicago.

A tribe has been found, a leader identified and that leader loves media attention. And he knows how to spew fear and loathing to massive effect. Soon enough there will be a TV network broadcasting Trump’s pronouncements and the paranoid ideas of the kooky conspiracy theory loving far right. I can see it now. “Tonight on Trump. At 8pm it’s Sean Hannity” Is Bill dating Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansen? And did Chelsea have four plastic surgeries to hide who her real father is? We’ll discuss.” At 9pm it’s The Mr. Trump Show: “Hillary is the worst President ever. America regrets not electing me. Everybody says that. Believe me. Someone go tell the Second Amendment folks to go do somethin about it. Heh, heh, heh. Just kidding, folks! But if you kill Hillary I’ll all pay your legal bills. Believe me.” And at 10pm Alex Jones “Is Hillary a person or an alien in human form???” Yeah, you’ll get a little hatred, a little disinformation, a little White Lives Matter. They’ll attack the rest of the media and the rest of the GOP. They’ll air Ann Coulter, Chris Christie, Roger Stone, Duck Dynasty, David Duke, and even Katrina Pierson: “Vietnam was Hillary’s fault!” The nightmare that is the Trump campaign will survive the election and continue haunting us for years to come. Fear the walking dead. (Artwork provided courtesy of Mitch O’Connell/Chicago.)

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